Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miniature of the week 27 B-3 new Babylon 5 Nemesis Advance Destroyer

Miniature of the week is a new babylon 5 miniature by b-3 desgins. It is Nemesis advance destroyer. It is his take on the nemesis destroyer, which is totaly diffrent from mongoose acta nemesis destroyer.

this is Mongoose Babylon 5 acta Nemesis advance destroyer.

This is the new Nemesis Advance Destroyer by b-3. This is an awsome mini and he did an impressive job.

Another pic of the new Nemesis Advance destroyer, which B-3 calls mrk 2 this is for sale at
his web site for $35.00. I like the new Nemesis Advance Destroyer and plan on buying four.
It is diffrent enough that you can use it as having both Shadow and Drahk technology.

This is the Nemesis Advance Destroyer mrk 1 by B-3, the main diffrence is this has the Marthon guns.
The one for sale is the mrk 2 Nemesis advance destroyer. i highly recomend this miniature and I always
had great service from B-3. I always got my minis from B-3 fast shipping and the mini is nice and shining.
If he decides to sell the mrk 1 Nemesis Advance Destroyer, i will post it here.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Here is a pic of a resin Keladon class battlecruiser, that is part of the Cardassian 6th order. She
is the flagship for the first squadron of the 6th order. Here is the pic.

here is the pic of the resin Keladon battlecruiser.

I will be posting more pics of ships of the 6th order, soon.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Ships of the Cardassian 6th Order

I have two Cardassian orders, that i am building. Each order has in the Cardassian military has ground troops and ships. Some orders have more ships than others. My Cardassian 5th Order is made up of cannon ships and will comprised of 69 ships. The Cardassian 6th Order will be comprised of around 80 ships, nearly will
be non canoon ships. There comprised of ships from big pat and shapeways, i got a while back and left them by mistake at my sisters in washington state. Here is the first two pics of cardassian ships from the 6th Order.

this is one of big pat and sting jb ships. This is a norin class light tactical cruiser. It took me over
a year to have my order complete from big pat.

This is a Bralek class cruiser. it is also from big pat and sting jb from scn forum.
There nice desgins, but it is a shame that big pat ships slowly. I will post more pics
on more ships from the 6th order in the weeks to come.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miniature of the Week 26 Ape Calvary by Ainsty Casting

The miniature of the week is the new ape calvary by anisty casting. It was just release recently giving their line of planet of the apes to five. There is a two pack of ape calvary officers an general and a sergant. The
other pack is two calvary troopers. They have impressive details and qare very good sculpts. They go good with Sergant Major's line of planet of apes, which also includes calvary. the pics comes from Ainsty Casting.

A pic of ape calvary. You get two in a pack.

A pic of ape calvary troopers. You get two in a pack.

This is a pic of a combo deal from Ainsty Casting, which you get one pack of calvary officers and two
packs of ape calvary troopers. The combo is 27 pounds, which i think is around forty to forty five dollors.
single packs are ten pounds, which i think is  almost twenty dollors.

i recomend these line of planet of apes, i myself is planing on building an ape calvary army of around eighty. some from this line and the rest from sergant major miniatures. they will support my red ape army from ape city, which i plan on build to around one hundred.

Thursday, March 6, 2014



 2252 EARTH : The new mark 6 fighters enters service. The Leviathan class Battlestar enters service. These battlestars are amoung the most powerful built to date. They have a third landing bay and these Battlestars carriers an averge of 225 fighters. Eventually there will be forty-eight built.

The colonies : Events of the Lost Planets of The Gods parts 1 and 2, The Lost Warrior, The Long Patrol, The Gun on Ice Planet Zero part 1 and 2, and the Magnificent Warriors takes place. The Battlestar Pegasus reaches Gomary and finds the cylons. Cain begin his hit and run tactics, living off the cylons and preventing them from turning Gomary into their outer captial. Durring this time, a number of cylon convoys are destroyed or captured. The cylon imperious leader assigns four complete squadrons to Gomary. [300 fighters].

 2253 EARTH : All older battlestars and other ships are updated. The Altarians and Earth signs a trade treaty as well as a mutal defense treaty. A fleet of Earth explorerstars and Altarians exploration ships begin to look for other 13th tribe settlements.

The colonies : The events of Young Lords, The Living Legends parts 1 and 2, The Man with Nine Lives, Murder on the Rising Star, takes place. The Battle of Gomary is considered a major victory for the colonies as the Cylons lost 2 Baseships destroyed and hundreds of fighters destroyed, and damaged to Gomary base, which killed the Cylon IL series that was in charge. The Cylon Imperious Leader agrees with Baltar's suggestion of putting IL series Spectra in charge of Gomary. The Pegasus, which has damage from the battle heads off in the other direction, mainting silence. The Galactica gains an extra fighter squadron from the Pegasus.

 2254 Earth : The new Sirun Emperor signs a peace treaty with Earth amd her allies. At the edge of unexplored space, a couple of small 13th tribe settlements is discovered by the Earth/Altarian explorer ships and contact is made.

 The Colonies : The events of Greatings from Earth, Baltar's Escape, Experiment in Terra, and Take the Celestra. While following the Galactica's trail. The Pegasus investigates a nearby Nebula. Inside the Nebula, Cain discovers the lost Battlestar Prometheus, three Tigerstars, and three Defenders, as well as one hundred civilian ships.The two Battlestar commanders talk to each other about the events that has happened to their people. The Prometheus commander mentions that, when the battle started, the civilians started to evac to their ships, the Prometheus and the surviving minor warships joined up with the civilians and headed into unknown space, since the cylons would be lined up to the colonies. The population of the Prometheus group is at 110,000. The Prometheus group agrees with Cain to join up with the Galactica. After several weeks of prepartions, including building some more viper units to be stationed on the Pegasus, the group leaves to join up with the Galactica.

 2255 Earth : The Herclues class Battlestars enters service, eventually there will be sixty. New types of Cruisers and Misslestars enters service. The Earth/Altarian fleet comes across another 13th tribe settlement on the edge of unknown space and contact is made. They defend the settlement from nearby pirates, which they, later in the year destroy the pirates base.

The Colonies : The events of the Hand of God, the Galactica wins a major victory over the Cylons by destroying the Cylon Baseship and 300 Cylon fighters. The Galactica has moderate damage and light losses amoung the vipers. A few months later, the Prometheus group reaches the site and continues to follow the Galactica trail to catch up and join her.

2256 Earth : Those 13th tribe settlements that has been found, has signed a treaty with Earth and the Altarians. They also sign trade agreements. Earth sets up outpost and assign ships to patrol the new discovered 13th tribe settlements, to protect them.

 The Colonies : Halfway into the year, the Prometheus group catches up to the Galactica. The two groups merge into one group and the celebrations go on all night. Adama, Cain, and Silar also celebrate. In the morning the three over breakfeast, reaches an agreement on how to postion the new ships. Amoung the Prometheus group is six Argo ships, and two Foundry ships for building vipers and other parts.

2257 Earth : A mutal defense and alliance treaties is signed, between Earth, Altarians, and the 13th tribe settlements, that has so far been discovered. The Ajax class Battlecruisers enter service, eventually there will be fifty built.

 The Colonies : The Galactica fleet comes across a system with no life. The survey finds large deposits of fuel and plenty of metal. The Galactica fleet decides to stop here for the rest of the year, to mine the fuel and use the metal deposits to built vipers to bring the Pegasus back to 150 vipers. The long range patrol still does not pick up any Cylons. They are not sure were the Galactica went, but they detect radio signals from a nearby planet and discover Baltar. He resures the Imperious Leader that he can find the Human fleet. The Imperious Leader gives Baltar one chance to find and destroy the Galactica fleet, once and for all. Baltar's fleet is comprised of six Baseships, two Warstars, and the new class of Stix class 4 command Baseship. The Command Baseship is two times bigger than a typical Cylon Baseship and holds six hundred fighters. Baltar has one in his fleet, which he makes it, his flagship. By the end of the year Baltar's fleet picks up the Galactica trail.

 2258 Earth : A new generation of sensors is devolped. A brand new class of medical ships, the Apollo class medical ships enters service, eventaully there will be eighty built. Two more 13th tribe settlements are found and brought into the mutal defense and alliance treaties.

 The Colonies : After being their for most of the year, the Galactica fleet moves on towards their goal of finding Earth. Durring the time they were there, they built enough vipers to bring the Pegasus to 150 vipers. The fuel store houses are at 100 percent. They also mined plenty of other metals and gathered enough food to bring their food store houses to 100 percent. Baltar's fleet while still far behind, is still on the Galactica's trail.

2259 Earth : The new class of fast Battlestars, the Hermes class is put into service, eventually there will be forty eight. Earth and the 13th tribe settlements discovered so far, and Altarians sit down and talk about how to unite into an alliance of one goverment and military, to protect themselves from those that will harm Humans, like the Siruns. The Siruns make long range plans to an all out war to destroy the Human race.

The Colonies : While on the trail of the Galactics fleet, Baltar's Cy;on fleet comes across a settlement of the 13th tribe of a couple of thousand. The settlemnt is destroyed by the Cylons. The Galactica fleet continues on it's way to find Earth, comes across more 13th tribe settlements, but stays away to make sure the Cylons don't come across them.

2260 Earth : They unite the military into one, but still has a few details to work out, but the ships of the Altarians, which is similar to starship troopers, will be part of the Battlestar fleets as support ships, along with the few 13th tribe settlment ships. At this point, each fleet will be made up to 15 Battlestars, 235 support ships, and up to around two thousand fighters. The civilian goverments being united into one still has a lot of details to hammer out.

 The Colonies : The Nomen catches up to Chamelon and fataly injures him. As he is dying, he pulls the airlock hatch, which blows Chamelon and the Nomen into space killing them. As the Cylons are closing in, Baltar comes up with two plans, first is an attack plan to destroy the Galactica fleet, though he is unaware of the Pegasus and Prometheus joining the Galactica fleet. The second plan is, if things goes badly for the Cylon fleet, then Baltar will switch sides to save his own skin.

2261 Earth : As the military is untied into one, the civilian goverment is still in that process of uniting into one. A couple of things has been worked out, but there is still several issues to work out. A shorter version of the classic Battlestar, a fast strike Battlestar, called the Wolverine is put into service, eventually there will be sixty.

 The Colonies : After working for over one year, several of the large civilian ships has been refitted to carry one viper squadron. The Foundry ships has worked durring the year to build and training pilots for gold squadron is finshed by year's end, with Boomer in charge of gold squardon.

 2262 Earth : After working out the remaining issues, the civilian goverment is united into one. As celebrations is going on throughout the human worlds, the Siruns has finshed making long range attack plans to destroy the Human race.

 The Colonies : The Cylon fleet commanded by Baltar comes across a race of reptiles, who's homeworld is rich in fuel is attacked by the Cylons. The Cylons destroys the race. They then load up to their ships and fuel ships with the fuel and the continue to follow the Galactica fleet. The Cylons lost one squadron of fighters and two support ships to orbital weapons platforms durring the attack on the reptile homeworld.

2263 Earth : With everything finally hammered out, the civilian goverment is finally merged into one goverment. The president is elected every five years. A new class of destroyers and scout enters service. A census of all known Human settlements, which includes the 13 thribe settlements and Altarians, put the total Human population at 275 Billion.

 The Colonies : Back at the twelve colonies, the Cylons kills the last of the Humans, but not before, they release a computer virus that destroys millions of Cylons troops on the ground. The virus before it stops, also causes several Cylon Baseships to crash into the surface of Caparcia, Sagittarus, and Virgon.

 2264 Earth : A united police force is created to maintain the law and to track down crimanals., durring the year, two more 13th tribe settlements are found and brought into the Human alliance. Unknown to the fleet, they are on the trail that the Galactica fleet is following.

 The Colonies : With devastating losses to the virus, the Cylon Imperious Leader, halts the expaqnsion of the Cylon empire for twenty years. on the edge of the Cylon empire is a nebula, with a system in it. A group of civilian ships manage to escape the colonies, settles on the system. Several eople work on creating a virus to infect the Cylons in case they found the colony.

 2265 Earth : The big one finally occurs at Los Angles. The 9.4 Earthquake destroys the city and causes over one million casulities. Three new systems rich in reasources are colonized by the Human alliance. The Siruns continue with their long range attack plans.

 The Colonies : Apollo is promoted to major and is in charge of all squadron fighters for the Galactica fleet. Starbuck is promoted to captain and is in charge of red squadron, and Apollo picks Starbuck to be his second in command of the fighter squadrons, followed by Boomer. Durring the year, Sheba gives birth to Apollo's daughter and Cassieopia gives birth to Starbuck's son. The four deciedes to get married before the birth of their child.

 2266 Earth : A new generation of Battlestars goes into service, the Pegasus class, eventually there will be fifty. All other Battlestars and ships are updated. Several military training acedemys are built on several 13th tribe settlements and Altarian homeworld.

 The Colonies : The survivors from the colonies that settled in the systemin a nebule on the edge of Cylon space, has devolped a virus to infect the Cylons, if they find them out. Athena is promoted to full lieutenant. Later in the year, Sira Uri dies of a stroke.

 2267 Earth : A new generation of fighters goes into service. They have one-third less weapons, but are fifty percent faster than the previous generation of fighters.

 The Colonies : Baltar is informed, that they should catch up to the Galactica fleet wthin eighteen months to two years. Baltar and the Cylons are unaware that the Battlestars Pegasus and Prometheus has joined up with the Galactica.

 2268 Earth : An Altarian is elected president of the United Human Alliance. Four more settlements have been found and brought into the Human Alliance. The fleet, lookingfor the 13th tribe settlements is unaware, that it is closing in on the Galactica fleet.

 The Colonies : Adama who has a feeling that they will be seeing the Cylons again, has the Forge ships built one squadron of vipers durring the year and pilots are trained to fly them. The Squadron is placed under the control of Jolly. They are stationed on several more civilian ships, that Adama had modified to handle vipers.

2269 Earth : The Earth Battlestar fleet, encounters the Galactica fleet, with their fighter patrols, encounters each other. As celebrations is going on and the commanders of the two fleets meets each other on the Galactica. Omega gets word from a fighter patrol, of a Cylon fleet closing in on the fleet. Adama briefs, the Earth commander on the Cylons, and they work on a plan on attacking the Cylon fleet, Cain and Prometheus captain also works on the plan.

The colonies : The Battle of the Red Nebula occurs. The Final showdown between Baltar and the Galactica fleet occurs. It's the biggest battle between Humans and Cylons since the Battle of Gomary around twenty years five years ago. With Earth Battlestar fleet, the Cylons are outnumbered, but have nowhere to go, so they fight to the last.
                      Despite being outnumbered, the battle with the Cylons last for hours, with many Cylon fighters doing sucide runs. By the time the battle is over, the Cylon fleet is destroyed with no survivours. Count Baltar dies, when his flagship is destroyed by the Galactica and the Pegasus. A few civilian ships are destroyed in sucided runs by Cylons fighters. The Galactica, Pegasus, and the Prometheus are moderate damage, one tiger and one defender is destroyed, the others are damaged. Twenty-five percent of the colonial fighters are destroyed and many others are damaged. Durring the battle, Jolly and Bojay are killed. Colonel tigh steps down as the Galactica's second in command in the aftermath and is elected to the Qurom of twelve, where eventually he becomes president. Apollo is promoted to colonel and becomes Galactica's second in command. Starbuck is promoted to strike leader and is in charge Galactica fleets fighter squadrons. The Galactica fleet joins the 13th tribe Alliance.
                     As for the Earth Battlestar fleet, three is destroyed and four is damaged. Several supporting warships is destroyed and a dozen more damaged. Several dozen fighters are destroyed and a few dozen fighters are damaged. Also in the aftermath of the battle, two members of the Qurom of twelve are killed, when their ships is destroyed in the Cylon sucide attack runs. Also amoung the Cylons destroyed is Baltar's old second in command, Lucifer.

                    This concludes part two of the BSG timeline, let me know what you think at my blog or pm me on the scn or tmp forum. Phase three will be 80 or so scenerios, which will includes the battles mentioned in the two part timeline. From there Phase four will be counters and ship control sheets for both sides.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Thank you for your patience. The bsg timeline part 2 will be finshed later today. I will be posting it by friday. the third phase will be dozens and dozens of scenerios. through ravenstar i have bought part of baltar's cylon fleet and will try to have baltars fleet complete by end of summer. i also through ravenstar have ordered three classic battlestars to represent the galactica, pegasus and promethus. i have the last few weeks bought outpost suite on ebay classic battlestars 7 out of 8, the only one i don't have is the columbia. they will be part of earth battlestar fleet that encounters the galactica fleet. the rest of earth battlestar fleet will be made up of ravenstars various battlestars and supporting ships.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Miniature of the WEEK 25 Khurasan Garn warship

    This is miniature of the week, Garn Merchant Warship from Khurasan Miniatures. This pic is from Khurasan web site to show you what it looks like when finshed. I bought one and it came in and i plan on using it as a Drahk temple ship. It has impressive details and is 2.5 inches long, when fully assembled. It
comes in seven pieces, the main body, two engines and four guns.

This is the Garn Merchant Warship Model that came in, it is the pic of the bottom, with the base, guns and
engines. it is impressive details and khurasan did a great job.

 This is the pic of the top, with engines, guns and base. I look foreward to buying more products
from Khurasan miniatures. I also look foreward to putting it together and painting it as a Drahk
Temple Ship.  My next posting will be Bsg timeline part two, I am 98 percent done with the
Bsg timeline.